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June 29, 2021 2 min read

As the world deals with COVID-19, many are beginning to revaluate their relationship to personal protective equipment. Here are 6 reasons why you might want to have a Statmask on your person...just in case.

1. Protect from other sicknesses like the flu / cold

The U.S. saw just 600 deaths from flu this season, whereas in previous years, flu-related deaths were between 22,000 and 34,000. Much of this sharp decline may be attributed to COVID 19 preventative measures. It is unclear whether or not a post-vaccine America will see a rise in flu cases this coming season, but the empirical benefits of protecting your face beyond coronavirus is very apparent.

2. Stay incognito

When you're out and about, a face mask is the perfect companion if you don't want to be bothered (or harassed). Plus, it's fun to listen to your tunes and lip-sync along without publicly embarrassing yourself. 

3. Protect others at greater risk

Despite increasing number of Americans getting the vaccine, there are still many who are at risk. Wearing a mask indoors when you're shopping at the grocery store, for example, is a sign of respect to the health of others'. 

4. New 'Delta' Variant

Please consult the CDC for more information on the possibility of a widespread outbreak of the delta strain of COVID 19. While currently not too much is known, take extra precaution if you are mask-less indoors or around strangers. As always, employ common sense protective practices to the best of your ability...especially if you are not yet vaccinated. 

5. Airplane travel / recycled air

Airlines are slated to boost our global economy according to McKinsey. Leisure travel is coming back and with it, a lot of domestic and international travelers. If you're one of them, you may want to mask-up on your way to your destination. Though vaccine requirements are a prerequisite to traveling internationally, it's best to be safe and wear one while you are in an airplane cabin with recycled air. How we didn't just wear masks by default pre-COVID is beyond us. 

6. Seasonal Allergies

When Fall / Spring comes around, airborne allergies become a personal nightmare for many. You might take the odd allergy pill here and there, but it's quicker to mask up when you feel you're about to have a pollen attack. 



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