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Why Statmask is the Right Choice for Families

January 07, 2022 1 min read

A recent customer wrote to us mentioning her favorite part about Statmask: that her kids have an easy way of knowing which mask is theirs. When it comes to popular masks, most families opt for a bulk box of blue surgical masks or white K/N95's; and while this is a perfectly safe and acceptable masking solution, it's sometimes difficult to tell your masks apart! 

With Statmask, color-coding is an inherent feature. Our seven striking styles make it easier than ever to find your color, and stick to it. Avoid the "whose is whose" question. It's far safer and more sanitary to be sure that the mask you're actually yours. 

In an interview with Popsugar, Kuritka Kuppalli, MD says "I think of masks like underwear -- they are not things you want to share with people." Well said Dr. Kuppalli, we agree. Keeping track your mask, especially in a crowded household, is paramount. But wearing a mask doesn't just prevent contracting's the best way to keep out other germs and bacteria. With Omicron rates rising here in NYC and a schoolchildren returning from Winter Break, it seems like a no brainer to make sure that your kids are wearing a good-fitting mask that they won't lose. 

When it comes to your kids, safety is the #1 priority. Make sure that your little ones' hands are clean before handling a sanitary product like Statmask. 

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